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 Donation Perks

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PostSubject: Donation Perks   Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:34 am

By donating you are doing a service to Edgecraft, and we thank you deeply for your support. However we understand that just giving you a thank you isn't usually enough to persuade someone to open their wallet and give hard earned money to something especially during a time where money has become pretty important. So we would like to give you incentives that will possibly entice you into helping our community grow and stay alive.

Along with donating you receive ePoints which are listed here: http://edgecraft.board-directory.net/h4-epoints-page

Sethome(s): Members have access to only one /sethome area, however, donators will receive access to multiple depending on donation rank.

Donator Teleporters: There is a building in spawn with teleporters set special for donators. These include creative worlds, and other useful teleporters.
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Donation Perks
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