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 Buying a House or Shop

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PostSubject: Buying a House or Shop   Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:43 pm

Here at Edgecraft we have ingame currency that can be used to buy items from shops, players, or NPC's.

However, you can also use this currency to buy a shop or house of your own and start selling and buying items from players yourself.

Benefits of a Shop:

. Sell/Buy whatever items you want.
. Set Prices for the items you want to sell.
. Create/Design your own shop.
. Make money while offline.
. You can sell your shop plot to other players for any price you would like.

Benefits of a House:

. Private location only you can access chests in.
. Store items with complete security knowing they are safe.
. Build your own house however you want on your own personal plot.
. You can sell your house plot to other players for any price you would like.

Keeping this in mind, it's a good idea to save up money to purchase a shop or a house in the city to keep your items secure and make money as well. (If you don't want to wait to earn money ingame, you can always consider donating to receive a shop or house as well. Our donation perks are available here.

Shops and Houses vary in size and can be purchased at anytime by asking Hexx. If you have the currency to purchase it (or if you donated), he will set up the shop or house you want to buy.

The size of a plot is clearly marked by the colored bricks on the ground (See Photo).

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Buying a House or Shop
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