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 What is a helper.

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PostSubject: What is a helper.   Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:30 pm

This is a new ranking we're going to have here at Edgecraft since this is our second time around with the server. The first time we ran Edgecraft we were extremely successful, and had a large amount of players. This became very hard for the administration team to handle even when we weren't playing the game. Not only that many of the questions were repetitive, but very annoying for us to answer over and over. This rank is being created in order to lower the workload on our staff members, and allow our players to gain experience towards becoming a full member of the staff team and how our server works. As a helper you will be given the rank of [Helper] in game, and players will be instructed to address you with any questions that they have in order to allow staff members to filter out any questions that don't require administrative attention.

Here are some frequent questions you will receive as a helper.

What is the website address?
How do I use this command?
Why can't I make a store?

- Random little things like this are the common questions you will be asked. Don't think you'll get swamped either, there will be multiple helpers in order to make answering question more efficient.

The reason we have helpers isn't so we can just play the game with no stress as administrators, it was just because 85% of the questions we were being asked were the same damn questions that didn't require administration attention. This is the exact reasons helpers were created, the filtration of the useless questions.

- So let's suppose you get this question(s).

"Hey, can you help me I was just griefed!" - Needs to be forwarded to a staff member.
"Hey!! I just saw someone fly hacking" - Should be forwarded to a staff member.

These are the type of questions we actually need to see, and a lot of players were leaving, or spamming the forums with complaints because we were unable to see the questions due to the spam of "What r tha webcite?"

Keep in mind there are expectations that we are going to expect of our helpers, and they will also be posted at the top of the application format as well.

. You must be recommended by a staff member, or two helpers.
. You must have played for at least two weeks.
. You must have at least 20 posts on the forums.
. You must already be a member of the Edgecraft Community.
. You must have a basic knowledge of commands on our server.
. You must know basic community information. (Ex. Owner, Admins, Website Address, How to Donate)

Something else we need anyone thinking about applying to be a helper to know. We are sick and tired of people just asking to become part of the staff, this is a job that requires a great deal of trust and knowledge, I have been running servers for 8 years now and something I've learned along the way is that anyone who is just asking for staff is bad news for the server. If you think you're good for the Administration team then you're going to earn it. You join the community, wait the two weeks, become a helper and do your job. I don't want people becoming a helper for a week and then shooting me this PM. "Hey, umm I've been a helper for about a week now, and helped a lot of people. I can be a moderator now right?" If your going to become a staff your in it for the long haul. Help the server, and you will be rewarded, I don't want you to tell me "I've been helping people" trust me, I know, it doesn't go unnoticed. If you meet these qualifications then feel free to apply for a helper position.
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What is a helper.
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